Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, Smart Transportation, Smart Cities – all of these groundbreaking innovations of the last couple of years have one thing in common beside their proverbial intelligence: They are all based on the idea of Smart Energy. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t deserve to be called “smart”, because all of these terms imply a reasonable and clever handling of the energy resources needed to operate these solutions.

The average human being usually has very little knowledge about their energy usage patterns, which inevitable leads to a waste of money and resources. That’s why today’s society needs energy-efficient products that are smart enough to get a grip on this lack of control. And this is where companies like Foxconn DRC enter the scene, because we know what it takes to design smart energy products that will comply with the energy demands of individuals as well as of enterprises and industries of all sizes.

Our goal is to provide greener homes, greener businesses and greener utilities, since we believe that there is no reason whatsoever why business success and a sophisticated lifestyle should not get along with environmental awareness and sustainable concepts. Free your mind and leave the rest to us.

Videos about smart energy products: