The Internet of Things (IoT) has passed way beyond being a merely futuristic technology trend. For the last two years, it has been changing the way we do business dramatically. The IoT is a logical evolution of the infrastructure that is already in place in your company – your business intelligence tools, sensors, cloud services and data – and will at some point lead to a full digitalization of your business.

If this sounds overwhelming, try thinking of it as the Internet of YOUR Things. The first step is to identify the one thing that matters the most to your business – a process, a product, a location, etc. The next step is to make a small change in your IT infrastructure to achieve a big impact. This could happen by simply connecting a handheld device to your inventory system in order to have a real-time customer service directly on your sales floor, which is just one of a million possibilities the IoT offers with the purpose of efficiency improvements, innovation and structural change.

Your business will inevitably start to thrive if you decide to capitalize on this trend. We are happy to give you more insight, if you let us.

Videos about The Internet of things: