As a global, forward-thinking enterprise, it is our core belief that what is good for your business can also be good for the environment. Therefore Foxconn DRC is more than happy to engage in Smart Energy Services in order to provide homeowners, businesses of all sizes and industries with intelligent energy-saving solutions that are both cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

In our experience, energy reduction can best be achieved by gathering, processing and merging relevant data from different fields, based on which we can develop smart strategies that meet the specific energy needs of individuals as well as of enterprises and communities. Since we consider ourselves part of the vanguard in this industry worldwide, we dedicate our technological expertise to finding long-term energy solutions that will benefit the entrepreneur just as much as Mother Nature. A professional data handling is key to identifying the critical parameters and thereby achieving this goal at an affordable price for our customers and the local industries involved.

In addition, we also provide continuous support to our customers to familiarize them with their individual smart energy solution and to show them that thinking big and thinking green can be on the same page.

Videos about smart energy solutions: