As every handheld owner knows from personal experience, the vast majority of online interactions today happen on mobile devices. Currently, more than five billion mobile subscribers worldwide are online every day, purchasing products and services and gathering all sorts of data from their smartphone. Meanwhile, mobile apps have moved from the big brands to an increasing number of small and midsize businesses. In fact, most of the small businesses we are dealing with on a daily basis, like the vegan restaurant or the gym around the corner, have their own mobile application, which is essential to their success.

In case you’re not sure about the benefits of mobile application development and taking your business to the next level with your own, tailor-made mobile app, here are five good reasons why you should go for it:

  1. Your app makes you visible to your customers 24/7 and increases your recognition.
  2. It opens a direct marketing channel between you and your customers.
  3. It helps you develop your brand.
  4. It facilitates the customer engagement and thus cultivates customer loyalty.
  5. It distinguishes yourself from your competitors, especially if you are a small-business owner.

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Videos about mobile app development: