Fully automated, smart homes are neither science fiction nor a vision of the future. These times are long gone. The technology is available to everyone, and with the growing digitalization of all areas of life it is becoming more and more affordable.

Home automation includes the centralized control of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), household appliances, and security locks of doors and gates and with the purpose of providing maximum comfort, security and energy efficiency to the residents. This is achieved with the use of sensors, controllers, actuators, buses and interfaces to detect daylight, temperature, humidity or motion and to allow for a wired or wireless interaction between the machines (M2M) or between humans and machines (H2M).

Beside the “coolness” aspect of home automation, also elderly and disabled people can benefit greatly from this concept in terms of a vast improvement of their quality of life and independence.

At Foxconn DRC, we are well aware of the undeniable popularity of home automation, which is also closely connected to the rise of the Internet of Things. It is therefore that we are willing to commit our resources and our knowledge to developing smart solutions to make your home automation dream come true.

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