With the increasing digitalization of all sorts of businesses and the buzz the Internet of Things has been creating since 2014, it is not surprising that the need for customer applications is also booming. Moreover, since tablet shipments alone are projected to surpass 240 million units this year, every business owner should consider using applications to help them connect with their customers in real time and to improve their operational efficiency.


Today, business apps are used in a wide range of industries, like in Smart Transportation, Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Buildings, Automotive, Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Retail, Agriculture, Security & Surveillance and many more.

Foxconn DRC can build you an app that is made to measure according to the needs of your line of business. It will connect your product or service to the Cloud and allow you thereby to reduce the time-to-market and your financial risk. At the same time, it will enable you to enhance your technical and your business performance as well as your market visibility.

You can use your app for remote control, asset monitoring and tracking, industrial automation, logistics, predictive maintenance, even telematics or any other purpose that serves to run your business successfully.

Videos about Customer Applications: