At Foxconn DRC we fervently advocate for a collaborative approach in everything we do. As a consequence, we stick to that strategy also when it comes to design services, since we believe that our expertise and insights can deliver the best results when combined with the express wishes, requests and suggestions we receive from our customers.

In doing so, we make sure that the services we provide and the products we design actually meet the demands of those who are going to use them on a daily basis and that form (or setup) follows function. That said, we are never afraid to be innovative and fresh, even if our first priority is the practicability of our designs.

As far as technical assignments like server design are involved, we start with a thorough assessment of the tasks your server is expected to perform in order to meet the requirements of your business entirely. It is only after all questions have been answered and all details have been considered that we proceed to implementing the previously gathered information. However, our experience and knowledge in this field guarantees you a customized server solution that will add value to your business and your future success.