Our services


Apart from tailor-made server design and setup, our skilled and experienced mechanical design team can provide customized enclosures that fully comply with the demands of your product application. Creating enclosures for electromechanical and electronic products from scratch is our specialty. The development process involves the industrial and mechanical design of the enclosure as well as building a prototype within a very limited timeframe and, of course, creating the design documentation.

Foxconn DRC designs enclosures for products from all lines of business – consumer, medical, industrial…  you name it, we provide it. Our design team mainly focuses on creating custom enclosures. However, since we are always interested in keeping the costs low for our customers, on request we can also work with off-the-shelf enclosures and modify these until they meet the needs of a specific product application. In fact, off-the-shelf enclosures can be a smart choice when dealing with products manufactured in low quantities.

Among others, our key considerations for enclosure designs include aspects like material selection, styling and appearance, thermal cooling (as needed), environmental stress and safety compliance.