Managing household appliances and other routine tasks from a computer or a mobile device requires a technology where IT, telecommunications and electronics can meet at a crossroads. Here comes the good news: Foxconn DRC can cover the technological basis of this meeting point AND provide the appropriate design to facilitate a full integration of home automation into the lives of individuals.

The concept of home automation is based on the networking of different electrical devices which are managed over a central interface. Virtually every piece of electrical home appliance can be programmed and controlled this way: lighting, heating, ventilation, front and garage doors, security and monitoring systems, garden watering systems, household appliances like coffee machines and tumble-dryers and, of course, multimedia devices like PCs, tablets and TV sets.

Aside from the undisputed convenience these systems can offer, there are also other factors that speak in their favor: they save time, energy and they provide protection.

Since we understand that the design of the system components is also crucial to their successful utilization, we create designs that beside practicality and aesthetics bear in mind that they should be suitable for people with different necessities in terms of mobility, different age and a different technical knowledge.