Being a frontrunner in software development, engineering and design services, we have a lot of dreams. We work with the Czech Government and other industry leaders to make our visions come true.

If you are searching for an inspiring work environment with constant opportunities for innovation, career growth and learning, JOIN Foxconn DRC!

Have you ever dreamed of designing something as exciting as a robot or an electric car? Are you passionate about software development and industrial design? Do you want to belong to a cutting-edge development or design team or be the co-creator of game-changing artificial intelligence? If any of the above gets your attention, you might want to consider becoming part of our engineering team.

Foxconn DRC offers its employees a flexible, supportive and innovative working environment. Since we respect and value our employees’ independence and creativity, we provide a pleasant and uncomplicated workplace atmosphere that allows talent to evolve freely.

If you are a do-it-yourself computer expert who is passionate about tackling software challenges in a jobenvironment encouraging out-of-the-box thinking, service excellence and achievement

talk to us – the sooner, the better.

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