Foxconn DRC is very passionate about taking on the unprecedented environmental and economic challenges of our times in the services we offer. We know that by creating ecofriendly industrial design (in short, ecodesign), we can make a valuable contribution to these particularly complex issues by providing solutions that imply sustainability and an encouraging message.

Due to the increasing global awareness and the public concern for environmental topics, people are perceiving industrial products differently today, meaning, beyond aesthetics and performance. This includes the life-cycle of a products, i.e. how it is manufactured, utilized and disposed off and what kind of energy is used to operate it.

Our approach is to transform all of these challenges into opportunities by delivering top-notch, sustainable designs for automotive vehicles in general and electric vehicles in particular. Electric vehicles have a long history, but especially in Western industries this concept has been neglected for too long. Hence, it is no surprise that right now the segment of E-Cars and E-Bikes is experiencing quite a boom, which we are very happy to cater to with our innovative designs. If you see your future in the production of “green” vehicles as well, don’t hesitate to give us a call.