• Engineering Services
    Engineering Services

Software Development

Let us create, manage and maintain a high-performance software development team that will seamlessly complete your in-house staff to make sure you gain a competitive advantage beyond the traditional cost efficiency deliberations. Benefit from agile software solutions and thereby access the efficiency you have always envisioned for your enterprise!

Internet Solutions

The right technology as a key to success is applicable to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Today even small enterprises have unlimited possibilities to manage their businesses efficiently with the help of cloud computing, application services, virtual machines and home automation. We invite you to reach your goals while we do the legwork for you.

Design Services

It is our mission to make a significant difference for your business by offering you the best creative design services. We therefore involve people in designing innovative solutions that are custom-made for your industry and your individual demands in order to create effective, desirable and useful designs that people will love.


There are many things to consider when deciding on your next employer. At Foxconn DRC we offer employees the chance to work with inspiring professionals on challenging and innovative projects. Our team cooperates and influences our business leaders using top-notch technology to drive their decision-making.